FACEMAKER is a new Nigaoe application

There are great expectations for facial recognition and cognition technology in various fields where research and development is underway. FACEMAKER is a new “face play application” that applies this sophisticated computer technology to analyze a facial image and draw a Nigaoe.

Applies the mechanism of the Nigaoe engine

Sophisticated technologies are required for a computer to draw someone’s Nigaoe. These technologies must recognize the differences in various shapes and the arrangement of facial parts, divide them into components and generate a Nigaoe. This application, which was developed based on the “Nigaoe engine,” has resolved these various issues and can automatically generate a Nigaoe from a single photograph of a someone’s face. A prototype iOS version equipped with basic functions has already been finished, and the test application allows you to automatically generate a Nigaoe after taking photos of a face and selecting an image for input. As a standard specification, the application is equipped with a function that converts the facial expression into 13 different expression patterns. The development of this application is ongoing.

How to use FACEMAKER

2Take a photo. (or choose a photo from the library)
3Choose a gender.
4A Nigaoe is generated and stored in the application library.
5The base Nigaoe can also be given 13 different expressions, and the chosen image can be used for SNS, among other things.

The mechanism to draw Nigaoe

A group of feature points is extracted from an input facial photograph to express the individuality of each face. By comparing the group of feature points of the input face with the group of feature points of the average face used as a standard for judgment by the computer, the computer recognizes the features of input face based on differences in shape and arrangement to draw a Nigaoe and finish it by adding color. The entire process from inputting an image to completing the Nigaoe takes only a few seconds.

Mechanism to change the facial expressions

Facial expressions are made through a combination of the movements of several facial expression muscles. By manipulating certain combinations of facial expression muscles, certain expressions such as “happiness,” “anger,” and “sadness” can be created regardless of a person’s countenance. In accordance with FACS theory (Facial Action Coding System), the expressions of a base face can be changed by manipulating the feature points that correspond to each action unit (AU) on the Nigaoe.

What is understood from the human face? New Nigaoe plays developed from FACEMAKER

FACEMAKER does not simply process images of facial photographs, but draws a Nigaoe from quantified data on facial features. This allows a high level of freedom in design such as changing the arrangement and touch or animating Nigaoe. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities in drawing Nigaoe such as by deforming a base Nigaoe in a particular way, processing it to reflect a certain artist’s style, or making a game character using your own face. If the accuracy improves in the not-so-distant future, Nigaoe can be used for facial authentication in SNS and ID cards as image data containing unique personal information.

Changing the drawing style

Unlike the conventional image processing, the advantage of a digital Nigaoe is that various expressions can be created while maintaining individual features of the base face. You can deform the base Nigaoe to create a cute “exaggerated Nigaoe,” enjoy the makeup and hairstyle arranging, change the touch of the Nigaoe to reflect your favorite manga comic book artist or illustrator, or immerse yourself in a fictional world using an avatar.

Incorporation into entertainment

This Nigaoe technology allows you to create characters that suit your favorite anime or game characters, or create a Nigaoe of yourself with the same style as your favorite idol group member.


In the future, FACEMAKER can also be applied as a personal authentication tool such as for SNS or ID cards.


If you are interested in FACEMAKER, it is possible to download this application. For details, please refer to Information on the Alliance.