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Mitsuhiro Koide
Mitsuhiro Koide

It is an interesting area of research as there are as many faces as there are people.

Similar to a person’s name and personal history, the “face” is particular to a person. Changes in expression can convey a person’s feelings. So it can be said that the face contains “code” that expresses someone’s individuality and is a “means of communication.” By converting the face into specific content called a “Nigaoe” with a “logical background,” we hope to apply the Nigaoe in various fields such as entertainment. To realize our objective, we have launched “FACEPROJECT” with the support and guidance of Professor Masahide Kaneko of The University of Electro-Communications who is a leader in the field of facial research in Japan.

This project involves development of the Nigaoe software “FACEMAKER.” While there are many kinds of Nigaoe software in the world, they can be classified into a method called a fukuwarai type of creating a Nigaoe by combining facial parts (fukuwarai is a game like “pin the tail on the donkey” where a blind-folded person must match the correct facial parts with the correct facial shape), or a method of generating a Nigaoe by processing the photograph of a face. Unfortunately, however, these methods cannot be extended to change the facial expression of the Nigaoe. We believe that a Nigaoe must satisfy our definition of the face as a “means of communication,” so we have aspired to generate a Nigaoe that can be changed to any expression.

We have recently reached a level where we can finally release our Nigaoe software to the public. The Nigaoe contents can be applied to realize what was not possible before! Please contact us if you feel it is something you identify with and have an application for.

About NatsumeAtari Inc.

NatsumeAtari Inc. is a long-established game developer that has been developing games since the Family Computer (Famicom) era. We have sold text adventure video games such as “Wild Guns,” “Idol Hakkenden,” and “Toho-kenbunroku” that have particularly been well-received by anime fans. We also plan and develop various contents for the entertainment industry applying our planning and technological capabilities. This includes game machines (pachinko game machines and slot machines in pachinko parlors), video slot machines for overseas casinos, and domestic amusement machines.