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Yukinori Magome

The biggest issue that we faced in reproducing a Nigaoe by computer is how much we can make the Nigaoe resemble the subject. But it can also be said that this issue can be sufficiently achieved by applying conventional photographic technology. As for myself, I have not been at all satisfied with the results obtained by the image processing of photographs. However, this dissatisfaction cannot be found in a Nigaoe drawn by a human artist. If you want someone to accept it as a drawing, in addition to pursuing accuracy in reproducing the form of a subject, the personal interpretation of the artist should be considered. Presently, we are pursuing research into having the computer perform processes similar to an artist who perceives a subject, recognizes the form, and draws a Nigaoe. While this is a more complex and difficult choice, there is deviation in accuracy that occurs from requiring a computer to follow the same process as a human artist. This is because we recognize possibilities contained within a Nigaoe that stem from the ambiguity created by psychological elements such as subjective opinions, incertitude, or the unconsciousness that can be glimpsed in an expression. Conversely, this also means that we are still dependent for artistic expression on this contingency.
Presently, the technological interests relating to the face have shot up like mushrooms after a rain. This includes services that have already been implemented. Against this backdrop, we are investigating the possibilities of expression, and applying the logic we have acquired to develop variations and release the potential of expressions in faces to society. Personally, I feel that many occupations will become automated by machines together with a decreasing birthrate and aging population. We anticipate that this technology will become indispensable for applications in virtual spaces, robots in healthcare, education, and welfare.

About NatsumeAtari Inc.

NatsumeAtari Inc. is a long-established game developer that has been developing games since the Family Computer (Famicom) era. We have sold text adventure video games such as “Wild Guns,” “Idol Hakkenden,” and “Toho-kenbunroku” that have particularly been well-received by anime fans. We also plan and develop various contents for the entertainment industry applying our planning and technological capabilities. This includes game machines (pachinko game machines and slot machines in pachinko parlors), video slot machines for overseas casinos, and domestic amusement machines.